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Freight, LTL & Air Cargo Shipping in Pensacola, FL

To Us, Size Doesn’t Matter When it Comes to Shipping

Everyone has shipped a small package at some point during their life; it’s not wildly complicated. However, shipping extra-large items is a different story.

The first thing to realize is that shipping big items can be difficult and risky if you do not have an understanding of the dynamics of shipping freight and air cargo. The process of shipping items in the “freight” category is much different than shipping small items. Finding a professional to help you ship your freight will lead you to a reliable, efficient, and secure shipping option that you otherwise wouldn’t have found, thus eliminating any ugly surprises.

At Warrington Business Center, a FedEx Ship Center, we have professionals in freight shipping, ready to help you ship just about anything to just about anywhere in the world. There are 40 different freight, LTL, air cargo, and sea container carriers we can choose from in order to make sure your freight arrives when it’s supposed to, in the condition it’s supposed to, and at the price you deserve.

The next time you need to ship an extra-large item from Pensacola, FL, come visit Warrington Business Center for a great deal and a safe shipment.

We Can Ship:

  • Industrial equipment
  • Furniture
  • Multiple electronics
  • Office equipment
  • Palletized items
  • Cars & boats
  • Motorcycles & scooters
  • Golf carts & go-carts
  • Full-truck-loads (FTL)
  • Less-than-truck-load (LTL)
  • Full-sea-container-load (FCL)
  • Less-than-container-load (LCL)
  • Domestic air cargo
  • International air cargo
  • Expedited freight
  • Deferred, economy freight
  • Households

Warrington Business Center, a FedEx Ship Center, is made up of expertly trained professional in packaging and shipping. You can trust us to get the job done correctly when it comes to proper preparation and packing for freight shipping.

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