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Professional Packing in Pensacola, FL

Professional Packing in Pensacola, FL

No Matter the Shape, No Matter the Size, We Pack it and Ship it RIGHT

Let’s get real here – packing can be a pain. You have to hunt down all your supplies, find the right box size, and figure out how to pack your item so that it arrives safely in one piece. Finally, after the hassle, you STILL don’t know if it’s packed properly.

At Warrington Business Center, a FedEx Ship Center, we pack professionally and properly. If it’s fragile, valuable, large, or oddly-shaped, no worries; our professionals know how to pack it with top notch security.

We stock plenty of box sizes – 30 in all! However, if your item is uber-unique, such as elk antlers or a car bumper, we will custom make the perfect size box for you. Our large array of packing materials will give your items the care they need while on the rocky road of travel.

To top it off, our “Packed to Perfection” guarantee lets you rest, knowing that our professionals packed your items to meet or exceed all carrier requirements. Further than that, if any damage does happen to occur on the journey, we guarantee it for insurability – because at Warrington Business Center, a FedEx Ship Center, we stand behind our packaging.

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