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Packaging & Moving Supplies in Pensacola, FL

Packaging & Moving Supplies in Pensacola, FL

Stop Trying to Scrounge Up Enough Packing & Moving Supplies. Warrington Business Center, a FedEx Ship Center, Has What You Need!

Many people assume that shipping companies decide what to charge you solely based on package weight.

Not so. There is something called “Dimensional Weight.” This is another way for companies to assign your shipping cost. Dimensional weight is based on the size of the package; therefore, if you do not use the correct box size for your item, you may end up overpaying to ship your package. Fortunately, Warrington Business Center, a FedEx Ship Center, has a box to perfectly fit almost any item, and if we don’t, we can custom make you one!

We Can Provide You With:

  • Boxes — Over 30 different size options, available in both single wall and double wall– all at great prices!
  • Specialty Boxes — Necessary for items such as artwork, laptops/computers, golf clubs, furniture, etc.
  • Packing Peanuts
  • Bubble-Wrap — Purchase by the foot or by the roll
  • Tape — Heavy-duty poly-tape that is made specifically for packing & shipping
  • Tape Guns — This can cut your packing time in HALF
  • Mailing Tubes — Great for artwork, posters, blueprints, swords, etc.
  • Padded Envelopes — Several sizes
  • CD, DVD, and Photo Mailers
  • Custom Box Making — We can provide you with a box that fits (almost) any item
  • Need a large quantity of boxes or packing materials? — We can custom-order for you

Are you moving and need lots of packing materials? We’ll get you a bundle pricing deal

Don’t care much for packing? Bring your items to us. Our expertly-trained packing professionals will pack your items the right way. When Warrington Business Center packs your items, they are guaranteed for insurability.

Have A Question About Packing or Moving Supplies?

Call 850.455.1234 if you have any questions about our packaging and moving supplies selection. Not in a hurry? Click on the button below to send us a message.

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